You must have seen a couple of casino movies which show players doing calculations to predict the outcome of the games. This is called card counting and is almost a foolproof strategy that many gamblers take years to learn and master. It is not the calculations that is tough, but the art of getting away with it, which is a dream for many gamblers. Card counting is a way for gamblers to improve their overall winnings. Many books and gamblers offer to teach card counting while they demand a fee for their effort. However, card counting is something that you can learn without certain guidance. Once you are thorough with the course, you can build your own strategies to use it while being discreet.

What is card counting?

Card counting is a strategy used commonly for blackjack and similar games. In the strategy, the player needs to keep a tally of the cards that are introduced in the table.  Every card that is played and set aside should stay in the memory of the player which provides a count. This count can increase the chances of winning by hinting the upcoming outcomes. If the cards hint an advantage, the player plays higher bets, but when the hints are loss, the player only makes small bets.

There are different card counting methods that you can learn based on which one eases you the most. Many gamblers even choose to learn multiple methods to avoid repeating their moves while playing at the casinos.


Is card counting legal?

It is not illegal to count cards while gambling at any land-based casino. In fact, some of the casinos enjoy welcoming rookie card counters and watch them try to keep track of the cards. It is not an easy job count cards, and a rookie counter can be as broke as a player who has never heard of card counting by the end of the game. But casinos can kick out any player they find faulty, and if a counter all of a sudden starts doing good, he is in trouble once he gets noticed by the staff.

Basic strategy

The basic strategy of card counting is something that every rookie card counter should learn before the move to different types of it. It is impossible to make successful moves without memorizing the basic strategy. You can learn this through free videos and blogs as it will be too much to charge for it.

Card Counting

Learn the Hi-Lo system

Counters need to learn the hi-lo systems which instructs the player to assign a value +1 to every card that ranks from two to six. 7,8,9 cards have zero value, and ten to ace are given a -1. When the card count is higher, you may want to put more money in the game and vice-versa.

Practice what you learn every day with a deck of card that will build your memory power and will help you to perform card counting in stealth mode to take big wins away from the casinos.